Politics is the "Art of the Possible"

We Truthers held out hope that Obama would be Progressive in 2012, but, alas, he was/is Neoliberal.

Detailed services

If you visitors can’t find it, ”for all intents and purposes,” it doesn’t exist. I will Clearly list and describe the services I offer, being sure to highlight pertinent events/opportunities, like LCfor911.org.

Announcement(s) of Coming Events

Fave Florida Authors Michael Connelly and Tim Dorsey both have new books out!

Real testimonials

Readers, Viewers, Clients and/or customers who would like to rave, praise or even give polite constructive criticism about me on social media are invited to do so. Share great stories to help turn other potential admirers into loyal ones.


The famous Showman P.T.Barnum said: "Something terrible happens without promotion...Nothing." So here, I'm NEARLY always promoting Something, even if it's only Good Cheer, Confreres.

Sharing "News of a Difference"

Average Minds talk about People. Better Minds speak of Things, which can include People. The Best Minds discuss Ideas which, aggregated, are Concepts which could become Projects, Peeps. 

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

I'll have Answers to FAQ's here.