You can quote - Lew Welge

 Speaker and Reenactor  

"All I am, all I hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother..." 

Lincoln Stated: About His Ambitions: "...being truly esteemed by my fellow man, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem," 




Interpersonal interaction, communication, and "social involvement" constitute D.W. and D. Sue's definition of counseling (2003).

Since definitions (any construct’s "what-ness") are insufficient to precisely convey any person's, place's, or thing’s "becoming-ness", the "I like…game" counseling technique provides a flexibly structured, individual or small-group counseling format, which insures an honestly authentic dialogue between and among two to approximately fifteen participants.

The "I like…game’s" effectiveness is derived, or sentence-stems, from the shared etymological roots of the Spanish verb "gustar", meaning "to like", and the English noun "gusto", defined in Webster’s as:

1) "individual or special taste",

2) enthusiastic and vigorous enjoyment or appreciation, and,

3) vitality marked by an abundance of vigor and enthusiasm.

Client-participants in the "I like…game" are impelled by the rules of the game to both positive choosing and cooperative/respectful waiting, following a therapeutically flexible script, toward increased insight and experiential counseling/parenting skill.